Church Administrator Advert - full details

Recruitment Details for the Parish Administrator’s Post 2018 

Job Title: Parish Administrator 

Employed by: Holy Trinity Church Frogmore Parochial Church Council (PCC) 

Accountable to the PCC through: the Vicar and Churchwardens 

Reports to: the Vicar 


Following our review into the multi range of day-to-day tasks currently undertaken by the Vicar, Churchwardens and the Treasurer, we are looking for a gifted, experienced and skilled person to come and join Holy Trinity Church, Frogmore to support our ministry. The purpose of the role is to manage and facilitate the day-to-day administrative operations of the Church and its public witness in close co-operation with the Vicar, Churchwardens, Leadership Team, Treasurer and the PCC. 

An occupational requirement exists for the post-holder to be a practising Christian in accordance with the Equality Act 2010. As a Bible-based organisation and place of Christian worship and mission, our ethos permeates everything we do. The post holder will represent the Vicar and church as first port of call to the public. They will be a senior member of the Staff and need to join in the spiritual life of that Team and of the church and work actively to support our ministry and vision. Along with our Vicar, Ministry and Churchwarden Teams, this post is key in enabling growth in the mission of Holy Trinity and assisting the Treasurer in good financial governance. 

The Church takes the safety of everyone within the church very seriously and expects that the postholder will work within the Church & Diocese of St Albans Safeguarding policies and Safer Recruitment procedures. 

The skills we are looking for 

A committed Christian who believes in the ethos, aims and mission of Holy Trinity Church Frogmore and with a high degree of professionalism and the ability to work in an ever-changing environment, where multi-tasking, sound decision making, self-motivation and discretion are essential. Equally the post holder will need confidence and proven organisational, financial, communication and interpersonal skills. 

Conditions of Service 

Salary: Between £22,000 and £24,000 per annum (if full time) depending on experience 

Pension: Access to a stakeholder pension scheme is available after three months’ continuous service. Further details will be made available 

Hours worked: Full time (37 hours) working 5 days a week or at least 0.8 full time equivalent 

Part Time Options: We would be happy to appoint two part time administrators. So if you can only offer part time hours, please do get in touch with us and we will consider your application.

Paid Annual Leave: 28 days Statutory Leave inclusive of Bank Holidays [pro rata if applicable] and to be taken within the church’s year January to December 

Work Base: Holy Trinity Church Office, AL2 2JU with some occasional travel within the St Albans Deanery and Diocese as required 

Probationary Period: There will be a six-month probationary period with a three-month review point. An appraisal will take place to confirm completion of the probationary period and appraisals will take place annually thereafter. During the probationary period one week's notice of termination of employment will be required on either side; thereafter one month's notice on either side will be required. Detailed Terms and Conditions will be contained in the post-holder’s Statement of Contract Terms 

Please make an Application by Email. Closing Date for applications is Friday 7 September 2018 

Explain to us why you are interested in this post and how you are qualified for it. Please attach your relevant CV together with your completed Person Specification Form and at least two Referees (please let us know if we may approach them). One of them should be your current (or most recent employer) and one should be able to comment on your church/Christian commitment. 

Please email your application to the  OR by post to Revd Nicholas Weir, The Vicarage, 39 Frogmore, St Albans AL2 2JU

Main Responsibilities 

The Parish Administrator will be responsible for providing leadership and high standards of administration in the overall day-to-day management of the church and its operations under the direction of the Vicar and Churchwardens, including the line management of the current part time staff. The Parish Administrator will design, implement and operate new processes which will support and take further the church’s mission and objectives, freeing the Vicar for Leadership in Discipleship and Gospel Mission. 

1. Support Holy Trinity's Vision and Mission 

Our Mission Action plan states: “Holy Trinity is a Christ-proclaiming, Bible-centred church offering a warm welcome to anyone so that together we can learn of, grow in and be transformed by Jesus, and be equipped to serve Jesus in His world”. 

• As a bible-based church, the Administrator will need to share these beliefs, joining in the spiritual life of the church (ideally as a church member) and working actively to support our vision, ministry and mission of Holy Trinity. 

• As first point of contact with the public, represent the church in its mission, giving a warm welcome, responding to questions asked, including about the Christian faith and pointing to where people may receive more help. 

• As a senior member of the staff team, join with staff prayers and planning with the ministry team how to deliver bible-based mission activity. 

• Supervise and facilitate the day-to-day administrative operations of the Church and Parish in close co-operation with the Vicar, Churchwardens, Ministerial and Leadership Team and members of the church family. 

2. Parish Communications

a. Manage all parish correspondence relating to the church, including post, email, and answerphone; act as first point of contact for all enquiries whether in person, or by phone, post, email etc, ensuring they are dealt with politely and professionally and followed up by appropriate action or named person. 

b. Operate the production of parish publications (compile, print, fold,) etc. 

c. Produce, and timely maintain and circulate Holy Trinity's address book. 

d. Operate the parish mailings, including the printing and distribution of Easter and Christmas leaflets. 

e. Manage and maintain the administration of the Holy Trinity website.

f. Administer the electronic church diary.  

3. Support for Worship and Church Events 

a. Provide administrative assistance to the Vicar and Worship Team in planning all services including all occasional and special services. 

b. Work with the Vicar, Ministry Team, Organist, Music Group Leader, for all matters relating to Baptisms, Funerals and Weddings and other occasional services. 

c. Maintain and co-ordinate Rotas for worship including Prayers, Readers, Welcomers, and Coffee Rota. 

d. Produce the weekly song sheets/service sheets for services as necessary. 

e. Provide administrative assistance for church events e.g. HotShots Summer Club, Life Expo, Parish Weekend Away, seasonal and outreach events. 

f. Maintain up-to-date distribution of leaflets and stocks. 

g. Take and produce notes at meetings as required by the Vicar. h. Manage the production and distribution of items such as Event and Course leaflets, Publicity and Information Documents, Welcome Packs, Church Council Annual reports. 

4. Administrative Systems 

a. Advise the Vicar and Leadership Team on structures, systems, teams and outworking of the Strategic Plan and Mission Action Plan. Implementation and operation of these areas as agreed. 

b. Manage and Maintain the ChurchBuilder Administration software package. 

c. Ensure the appropriate use of IT for the church and its staff. 

d. Support the effective working of the PCC. 

e. Maintain the GDPR Data Protection requirements. 

5. Financial Administration and Stewardship 

a. Process financial transactions, and set up and maintain accurate electronic financial records, with support from the PCC Treasurer. 

b. Assist the PCC Treasurer in preparing accurate information for the PCC on a timely basis. 

c. Work with the Finance and Resourcing Sub-Committee. 

d. Deal with statutory documents, including statistical returns, registers, certificates, and applications, and ensure that church records are kept up-to-date e.g. Register of Baptisms, Marriage Banns and record of fees, as well as assisting with year-end statutory financial reports and returns. 

6. Manage Staff and Volunteers 

a. Ensure that church workers are in compliance with the church’s employment, HR, Safer Recruitment and Health and Safety polices. 

b. Carry out the DBS procedures as DBS Lead Recruiter and work closely with the Parish Safeguarding Officers for children and vulnerable adults. 

c. Select and manage in line with Safer Recruitment Procedures other paid administrative, cleaning staff, and Vergers. 

d. Select and manage in line with Safer Recruitment Procedures other volunteers who assist from time-to-time in the work of the church office. 

7. Manage Physical Assets 

a. Oversee the church buildings, the churchyard, the Alms Houses, the Curate’s maisonette, and the Parish Centre complex and deal with general maintenance problems. 

b. Work with the Church Fabric and Health and Safety Sub-Committee. 

c. Order and oversee equipment and supplies. 

d. Assist with the annual church inventory verification and recording process and outsider inspections. 

e. Maintain and operate the Church’s Security System and Key Registers. 

8. Other 

Undertake other appropriate duties where necessary and as directed by the Vicar.

Person specification:

imageParish Administrator Person Spec July 2018 FINAL.pdf

For more information or application pack, please contact .